Painting No - 01

This stone was laid by the honorable Surendra Nath Banerji on October 30th,1900 has been inscribe on the marble in front of the Bradlaugh Hall named after the British opposition member of the Parliament, an atheist and upholder of secularism, Charles Bradlaugh who had already died in 1891 and Mohandas Gandhi had attended his funeral in London. Because of his ideas, and deep interest in British India, the Congress chose to name this hall located behind Rattigan Road, after Bradlaugh supported by iron girders and beams is a big corrugated iron gabled roof covering a rather large hall. Built in thick brick walls, that gradually slope going the impression that of a multi-story. The front had to be raised because behind this facade is the stage under which space has been provided for a sub-basement. This is typical of the hall built in the pre-electricity days (Allama Iqbal’s alma Mater, Murray College, Sialkot also has resembling arrangements). It may be only a coincidence that its seems to draw inspiration from the Colosseum and also from teatro di Marcello (Rome); for the buttresses ending in gabbled shapes and twin windows with a round shape in between, it also casts Gothic shadows the arrangement is quite pleasing and creative.
It was in here that many important political meetings where held, addressed by important leaders and attended by commoners irrespective of caste and creed.
This hall still survives in a dilapidated state though. Now used as a technical training Centre, it is being repaired with the central government assistance.


Painting No: 116

Title: Gathering of the storm (Bradlaugh Hall I)

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (32" x 42")

Collection: Available

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