Painting No - 01

This is the No. 4 in the Amritdhara building series. There are many Jharokas but this one in the side lane is the biggest, set over a tall arched entrance to the residential quarters behind it. The Jharoka façade had a balcony at the top supported by red sand stone brackets, the balcony has since been removed but pieces of red stones can still be seen projecting from the cement coating. A very tall multifoiled recessed arch provides a frame to the whole setting. A triple arched windows in human scale provides seating for women behind it. The main Jharoka under it is a quite big, a half dome over it and another under it is typical of the period. The whole scheme is to emphasize this portion may be the Pandit Thakur Dutt family resided here. The façade was tastefully ornamented with rosettes and scrolls only traces of which remain.

As explained in painting No. 112, 113, and 114 the multi ownership has turned into a near-slum dwellings with each occupant vying for some extra space thereby putting extra on the structure the strength of which lies in the extra thick walls.


Painting No: 115

Title: Amritdhara IV

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 42")

Collection: Mrs. Haroon

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