Painting No - 01

As explained earlier in reference to painting No. 112 and 113 of the Amritdhara series, this expensive building came to be occupied by numerous families each living in small portions. They have built their own balconies and made small additional rooms, in different materials and colors which, has greatly marred the original look of this beautiful building. The lower portions along the main road and the lane have been converted into cottage industry, tea stalls and other shops. Since natural gas is not available to some of the lanes, timber logs are sold here by the traditional pathans.
Life goes on as usual with little change or promise of a better future for poor and lower middle class in spite of hard work. Yet, they are contented and happily interact with genuine sincerity.


Painting No: 114

Title: Amritdhara III

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 42")

Collection: Dr. Farzana Feroz

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