Painting No - 01

Railway Road linking Lahore Railway Station with Mayo Hospital is the straightest road for the benefit of the infirm.
It was somewhere in the middle that Pandit Thakur Dutt introduced his into legendary Amritdhara which was considered a sure zure for any ailment that could visit humankind. It was considered a panacea for all diseases including pneumonia, aches, pains and even cholera. According to Pran Nevile in his classic, Lahore Sentimental Journey, a holy man, pleased with Thakur Dutt for his services, had given him the secret formula for making Amratdhara. It came to be known as an all-pupose medicine and made Thakur Dutt a highly prosperous man. He built an imposing building named after Amratdhara (Ibid page. 128).
This building near Chowk Barfkhana covers a large expanse, running into the side lances as well and had many courtyards that have since been encroached upon by building smaller houses. Belonging to the 1910’s it has massive walls that are still keeping its monumental character intact. It is a queer, not unpleasant mix of local and European elements inkeeping with local climate.
After the departure of the Dutt’s in 1947, many practioners in local herbal medicines set up their out-lets in this building and seem to benefit from the century old good will of Amritdhara. But, the fruit vendor at the corner is the real provider of nutrition’s and vitamins.


Painting No: 112

Title: Amritdhara I

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (26" x 39")

Collection: Dr. Feroza

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