Painting No - 01

Naulakha crossing named known as Borrhwala Chowk (the trees of course have since been cut down), has the biggest number of churches at one given place in Lahore i.e. five of them. Being in vicinity of Railway Headquarters, it developed into a cosmopolitan locale. The building in white with its two hooded white domes having terracotta grills around the balconies inspired from the domes at Shalamar peripheral wall, is located at the corner of Daulat Ram Street named after a famous eye-surgeon. In this building lived my teacher late Colin David whom I could see every morning in the early leaving in his gold painted Volkswagen to fetch Anna Molka and her daughter Zahra to drop them at the P.U. – he was duly rewarded. My other two teachers residing in this building were from Joan McDonald School: Mr. Bazel King (Late) P.T. Instructor and Mr. Tony Menezes music teacher and a maestro at piano (they say he lives in Canada).

Beyond was Gandhy’s Suraj Mahal a beautiful building where he ran his wine store that was ironically looted in mid-1977: opposite to it was Nurdin and Company with their famous T model car (see Naeen Reesan Shehar Lahore Diyaan).


Painting No: 111

Title: Nicholson Road

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Dr. Nasir J. Ahmad, U.S.A

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