Painting No - 01

This Gowalmandi Jharoka in the street connecting Railways Road with Lajpat Street No. 50, behind Amrat Dhara building, is one of the largest in the city. Its bold size is further accentuated by the multifold arch underneath that instead of supporting the heavy load above, seems to defy the laws of gravity these must be steel reinforcement in it as witnessed it its contemporary Jharoka in Qilla Gujjar Singh (see painting No. 69). Topped with a semi dome with a curvilinear hood for the eight wooden windows below and flanked by triple storied double columns and triple window form the clerestory; all this arrangement has been framed with an enclosing multifoiled arch having rosettes.
This large house, now a shelter to a number of families, has a change in its original usage. The front portions have been turned into shops catering to the needs of the locality ladies tailoring shops, bicycle repairs and tea stalls.


Painting No: 110

Title: Jharoka in Gowalmandi

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (39" x 26")

Collection: Sarkees Najmuddin

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