Painting No - 01

Kucha Pir Shirazi offers such a mix of old houses struggling in these changing times. Many once magnificient houses built in Nanakshahi and Moghul bricks set in lime mortar and releived with large wooden planks and doors and massive arches show stresses of cracks both dormant and live. Large “Pipal” and “Bamiyan” trees the seeds of which came in the droppings of the birds adorn the drain pipes making the street picturesque through their varying shades of greens and oranges and reds punctuated with florescent highlights. The ladies besides the windows in complementing apparel add to the visual continuity. The old haveli’s present a sad reality of the economic survival_ the big arched entrance that formed a reception hall sometimes serve as cattle-pens; here one can see several buffaloes horded together and being milked while fodder mix is being prepared in the manger along the street by a young man while an old one supervises. The milch cattle were mercifully banished from Lahore thanks to the multi-nationals that introduced tetra pack. On the left are seen some repaired “modernized” houses, in the distance in seen house of the ancestors of Anuradha Wahi (see painting No: 81).


Painting No: 109

Title: Kutcha Pir Shirazi II

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (42" x 29")

Collection: Available

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