Painting No - 01

Side streets in the walled city are relatively peaceful, free from the hustle and bustle encountered on the man alleys. The triple storied house on the left is all clad in wood – a feature common in earlier era. It has foldable doors that can be pulled up. Down there is a sweet-meat shop famous for the delicacies. See in the distance in Mohallah Mohlian is five storied haveli with typical oriel windows capped with semi domical shapes flanked by small columns all set in line plaster moldings and painted in reds and ultramarines. Pran Nevile, writer of Lahore - A sentimental journey lived in the vicinity.

This tall house allows the ladies sitting behind the Jharokas a full view of the long and narrow lane. Very few such houses have survived; one another example is in Kucha Pir Shirazi (Painting No. 49)


Painting No: 108

Title: Mohallah Mohlian

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Edouard Simond, Swirtzerland

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