Painting No - 01

Basant is most intense over the walled city. A distant view as seen from our house on Nicholson Road always presented the day as a very festive occasion. Fauve colored kites in greens and reds and yellows with some in black as if floated in the infinite skies. They defied laws of perspective they looked big and small according to one’s likings and strategies; some appeared to be bigger than the biggest of the houses in the backgrounds the characters appeared big and small according to their expertise. It was all a kite studded riot of colours enhanced with bickering of victorious, joyful yelling’s and announcements of the feats over beagles. This was always first day of the spring; colours everywhere in the skies. A lynch over the roof top; everybody sharing. By the evening, there used to be a desperate chorus to prolong the passion; yet with going down of the Sun, there was a deafening melancholic silence. Aiden Basant – see you again next year! The grandmothers nursed the hands of the children, cut with the strings, made razor sharp with ground glass coated with wheat flour; again kneaded wheat flour paste was used to pluck and pick the microscopic glass particles. The still smaller children too felt like Don Quixote’s in their own right


Painting No: 106

Title: Basant IV

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Anu Wahi, U.S.A

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