Painting No - 01

As the city expanded outside the walls in the early days of the Raj, the road built outside Bhaati Gate came to be known as the Mall (later re-christened as Lower Mall) it cut through a natural clay hillock where on one side was built District Courts and the Government College on the other side with a large Zero mile stone giving distances to the various cities in miles (it sadly has been removed with the widening of the road). It was behind this road that some of the various big bungalows sprung up, one such road is Chatterjee Road, behind the Government College. Only remnants survive: Haque Street No. 12.
Portions of huge buildings with thick walls and big iron girders survive among more modest, later houses and numerous makeshift shops: this is publishing cottage industry in the heart of the city that still boast of biggest number of educational institutions, newspapers and publishing house old and new trying to survive. In the painting a horse struggling with the cart, workers munching lunch in an eatery set amongst the ruins where only a massive ironic white column and an oriel window with a prominent arch survives: a 1938 De Sotto too vibrates under the newer balconies. Not clearly visible in the distance is the back wall of Government College. On the left are seen remains of Punjab Government Printing Press much property of which has been usurped. 


Painting No: 105

Title: Urdu Bazar

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Marriam, Zulfiqar

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