Painting No - 01

Kucha Pir Shirazi is a locality in the vicinity of Papparr Mandi named after a certain saint that came and settled here during the pre-Moghul times.
This street is winding at various points giving it a picturesque setting. The wooden balconies supported by red sandstone brackets carved with curvilinear shapes resembling elephant trunks seem to defy the laws of gravity – as if standing free in the air. The weathered purple and blue wooden columns and the emerald green painted balconies create a contrast with the yellow of the wall with light filtering through the bamiyan tree peeping from the left. The white of the shrine further enhances the ambience.
The man with two sacrificial sheep talking to a neighbor while a child behind looking at the old lady sitting at doorstep of the saint; women in embroidered green cloak carrying fire-wood passes by and in the distance a green grocer on a donkey cart haggles with the women, are all actors and playwrights of this real life everyday drama in these dark and brightly lit mysterious lanes.


Painting No: 104

Title: Kucha Pir Shirazi

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Dr. Shahida Jaffery

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