Painting No - 01

Think of Lahore, Basant Bahar comes to the mind first. Sprinkling of the clear blue sky of the first day of the spring with as if colors of the approaching spring is the first expected image – a riot of fauve color, animated and drifting in rhythmic movements all emanating from the walled city in millions.
The clear blue skies formed only background while the drama was in the foreground – whirling and swirling, defying the gravitational and aeronautical laws and even those of Newton, the paper kites followed to the twist and twists of the skilled Khilaris who knew of the here and now situations and hence the strategic combat arraignments. The numerous and countless houses with their features comprising of multi; foiled arches were insignificant in the psychology of the conditions of attention. The Lahori Gate, the Papparr Mandi with its Haveli Lakhe Shah and the Kucha Pir Shirazi and the Badshahi Mosque domes were insignificant as compared with the combating Teeras & Kupps during which many victors last their lives by neglecting to watch their steps: e.g. see Pran Nevil’s, A Lahore sentimental Journey: Bo-Kata.


Painting No: 103

Title: Basant III

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (31" x 46")

Collection: H. Dawood

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