Painting No - 01

Qilla Gujjar Singh, founded by one of the triumvirate two hundred and fifty years back over a high mound had two huge tall Bamiyan trees outside its defensive walls, these have unfortunately been cut down. In older times, Basant was celebrated with much favor there. A view of those trees, amidst colored paper kites numerous people on the roof tops of the wooden haveli with stained glass in the distance and more of them on the houses of the Malikand haveli of Basit. Boys nicknamed Amb, Gongloo, Theekaan, Phajjaa, can all be see on the roofs vying with each other seen from our house in Muzaffar Mansions, Nicholson Road. Among more of the bright yellow trees is see Mai Waziran, a midwife that brought many of the children to this world to witness colorful Basant of their respective lives, many broke their legs jumping over roof tops in hot pursuit of stay lights including my brother, later a commander of Pakistan Navy, Imtiaz Anwar.


Painting No: 102

Title: Basant over Qilla Gujjar Singh

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: STOLEN

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