Painting No - 01

This typical of Anarkali represents the decadent once fabled shopping local for all local as well visiting bargain players. The original big stores like Bombay Cloth House, Karnal Boot Shop, the Bhalla boot shop. The Thermos House of Syed Anwaar Ahmed, China Mart of Quddus Chishti, have all vanished giving place to big and small new enterprises catering to the needs of new times. My school days chum Khushbakht too has abandoned his “old books” syndrome and has started dealing in apparel. Displayed, hung from bamboo sticks are block printed shawls in fauve colours to entice the most reluctant of the novice. The background building with domes is another scene of tragedy; it in its original is Mool Chand Hospital (Mool Chand Childrens Hospital wing in Ganga Ram Hospital Trust, from where Late Dr. Hajra Abdullah retired is another venture of Mool Chand). The front portion consisting of several flats came to be occupied by immigrands in wake of 1947. The children of which included my earliest of the students Nasira and my colleague at NCA Anwar Saeed. The shops below still deal in sports goods and watches. The hospital at the back now houses a Madrissa that rather cripples than heals the young children. Yet , ironically the words Mool Chand Hospital still survive under the row demolished Jharoka in the side lane: good deeds never fade out.


Painting No: 100

Title: Anarkali VII

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (24" x 37")

Collection: Marryam & Zulfiqar

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