Painting No - 01

Bilaqi Shah was a very famous & much dreaded money lender of old. Apart from owing a lot of mortgaged property, he built for himself a tall Haveli with three jharokas inside Mohalla Mitti Puttaan, Phoolaan Wali Gali, inside Gumti Bazar. Many painters including Mustafa Chughtai (a leading cinema films posters designer / painter to date) lived in this locality). Many ancient houses in the vicinity had elaborate wood carvings of the Mughal type.
The house shown in the painting was built at the turn of the century and hence is a translation of the earlier planning. The decoration is more on the simpler side yet it reflects a knowledge and respect for the earlier style. A tall arch gives access to a small courtyard where servants and a tonga were housed. A tripple jharoka with windows for the mezzanine from an impressive layout.
The locality is now called cut-piece bazaar and also Kenari bazaar i.e. smaller pieces of fancy clothes are sold here. The street narrows down to mere six feet width eventually leading to Lohari Gate.


Painting No: 05

Title: Three Jharokas

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 38")

Collection: Salman & Amna Taseer

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