Painting No - 01

A visit to the legendary old Lahore would be incomplete if you miss Kashmiri Bazar. The view shown in the painting is from Rang Mahal side (inside Shah Alami gate, demolished 1947).The Jharokas and Bukharchas proudly look at the visitors. Many of the houses in small bricks are over two hundred years. The use of stone in perforated slabs and boldly projecting brackets that support multi-storeyed facades clad in wood is a Kashmiri-Punjabi-Mughal electicism. The multifoiled windows in many houses, still have coloured glass, mostly blue and red, some green and yellow. They represent prosperous and culturally rich period. And, still it is: embroidered cloth, oriental shoes, Karakuli caps and copper utensils can be had here. Here are also located some old publishing houses dealing with Folklore books, including Allah Waley Kit Quomi Dukkan, where, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan came on his fund raising for the Aligarh University. In the distance is seen only one of the minarets of Wazir Khan’s Mosque beyond which, is Delhi gate.


Painting No: 03

Title: Kashmiri Bazar

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (27" x 39")

Collection: Ms. Shelha Saigol

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