Painting No - 01

Opposite to the Bukhshi Market in Anarkali is Fayyaz Road the corner of which is shown in this painting. The angular Jharoka or Bukharacha in its placing over the corner. Built by rich Sheikh Family in early 1910’s, it has features and decorative details that are reminiscent of earlier local style.

There are shops selling milk-shakes and fruit juices which are a favourite resting point for the visitors to Anarkali before they proceed to have a look at the Baluchi embroidery shops which have now sprung up in the other corner. On the left side is seen “Thermos House” founded by late Syed Anwar Ahmad. They still specialize in supply and repair of classical vacuum flasks including the “Eagle” brand. Those were the days when everybody carried iced water during summers and hot tea during winters.


Painting No: 02

Title: Anarkali I

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Mrs. Samad Amin

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