Painting No - 01

The commercial building seen through the wooden arcade of Tollinton Market (Ptg. No. 56) was built in late 1920’s. The building is a long horizontal continuation of flats with shops underneath, hence named commercial buildings. The style is hybrid with jharokas and curvilinear balconies with cast iron grills and perforated terracotta slabs and pronounced semicircular arches. Being split into small ownerships, many have altered their portions. The portion seen in the painting appears in Bapsy Sindhwa’s novel “crow eaters”. It housed a bank in the ground floor and the Parsi family lived in the flat where, members of the community frequently gathered. It was turned into the famous Edulji’s wine store. Now it has been converted into a general provision store; ZOQ, run by the Bhindara family. The provision store has now been closed down. Extensive repairs are being done and they intend to start a restaurant to be named after Kipling. It will fill the vacuum created by the closure of Coffee House, Cheneys and Capri restaurants in the education precinct.


Painting No: 01

Title: House of Crow eaters

Medium: Water Colour

Size: (28" x 39")

Collection: Mrs. Rakshi Majeed

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